Off Road Tuition

Professional, High Quality Tuition from Landcraft

Landcraft is a long established company that enjoys a reputation for providing high quality tuition in off-road driving techniques. Our training portfolio is structured to accommodate novice drivers through to expert level drivers, as appropriate, and will equip you to master the many varied types of terrain you'll encounter driving off-road in your professional working environment or as a leisure activity. We can also provide a selection of team activities designed to foster leadership qualities and test initiative, if required.

A typical Landcraft driving course consists of a comprehensive introduction to off-road driving, including an extensive safety briefing and a demonstration of the do’s and don'ts of off-road driving. Each module of the course is designed to cover a particular aspect of off-road driving and builds to deliver a complete understanding and practical application. At the end of each course each participant should:

  • Be familiar with the do’s and don'ts of off-road driving
  • Understand the various transmission configurations of 4x4 vehicles and how to use them to best effect
  • Know how to safely drive steep inclines
  • Know how to safely drive steep descents
  • Know how to safely recover from a failed hill climb
  • Be able to safely cross deep gullies
  • Be able to negotiate a way through various difficult terrain such as mud, water, rock and side slopes
  • Know how to safely recover a vehicle from difficult situations

Each course is structured to ensure there is plenty of time available to practice driving in supervised conditions to ensure participants are able to make the most of their tuition by practical application.

Our main training site is situated within about 10 miles of Bala in beautiful Gwynedd, Wales. This private site set in extensive grounds provides a challenging array of terrain to hone newly acquired skills.

The Landcraft offices are located above the Plas-yn-Dre Restaurant in Bala enabling us to provide a high standard of catering with facilities for up to 150 people. There is ample on-site parking and meeting facilities with audio-visual facilities should you require them. Accommodation from upmarket hotels to friendly B&Bs are all available locally making this an ideal location for your corporate event. To make your corporate event even more memorable we can provide a range of additional outdoor activities if required.

Accommodation is available in the area, please contact us for details if required.


  • The full day Course in your own vehicle - £225 + VAT ( £270)
  • Any extra passengers/driver - £20 + VAT ( £24)
  • The full day Course in our vehicle - £325 = VAT (390)
  • Any extra passengers/driver - £20 + VAT ( £24)
  • All drivers must have a full driving licence

We operate 7 days a week and pre-booking is always required.

If you would like any further information please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Customers

Our customers include 3C Waste, BMW, British Gas, BT, Castle Transmission International Ltd, Cheshire County Council, Chrysler Jeep, Club Off Road, Conwy Land Rover Centre, CSMA, Environment Agency, Environment Agency Welsh Region, EMAP, Ford, Forest Enterprise, Gwynedd County Council, Land Rover, Land Rover Monthly Magazine, Land Rover Owner Magazine, Liverpool University, ManWeb, Mercedes Benz, National Rivers Authority, National Wind Power, Nuclear Power, RSPCA, S4C, Scottish Power, Severn Trent Water, SMMA, Snowdonia National Parks, Snowdonia Park Rangers, Southam Tyres, Transco.

David Mitchell

All Landcraft courses and events are supervised by David Mitchell. David has over 40 years experience of off-road driving, both as a business and as a personal hobby. He delivered his first off-road training course in 1971 at the request of the main Land Rover dealer that employed David at the time.

Later, along with industry’s increased safety awareness was a corresponding increase in demand for high quality training, this led in 1989 to the establishment of Landcraft. Since those early days all aspects of off-road driving have been undertaken. Besides delivering tuition, David has been very involved in demonstration work for manufacturers and importers of off-road vehicles as well as organising a number of off-road shows and events around the UK.

Our Environmental Policy

Landcraft only uses private land for its off-road driving activities. All our sites are supervised at all times.

We continually monitor the land for overuse or abuse and respect fauna and flora. All our customers are advised on the rights and wrongs of vehicular rights of ways and instructed in the application of the “4Ws”: Weather, Weight, Width, and Winch.

Training Sites

Landcraft’s primary training location for off-road tuition and driving is about 10 miles from our base in Bala in North Wales. The site, of some 5,000 acres, is partly working forestry land, and partly open Welsh hillside. It has a mixture of tracks to suit all levels of training and ability.

The site has been used for many years, and by its nature, the driving activities are moved around to make the best use of the terrain - giving rest periods to each area to maintain the quality of the land.