The Land Rover Model Shop prided itself on having every Land Rover model that was available or produced in the 30 + years while in business.

In the past we have only listed the models that we have in stock but for the 1st time I am listing the full range of Land Rover Models that we have been available from Landcraft over the years and this page i have listed the model as per the Title Header.

Range Rover Velar Models

Ref No Kit Type Model Series Details Code Make Make's No Scale Price

4914 Range Rover Velar Velar SE Silicon Silver YS 67 MZF D C Oxford 76VEL003 1/76 £6.45
4850 Range Rover Velar Velar Fuji White SE DA 67 OHH D C Oxford 76VEL002 1/76 £6.45
4849 Range Rover Velar Velar Firenze Red / Black Roof GV 17 WVM D C Oxford 76VEL001 1/76 £6.45