Landcraft Land Rover & 4x4 Model Shop Model List

I want to let you all know that I am now semi retired, although still doing off road consultancy work as required. The Land Rover Model Shop prided itself on having every Land Rover model that was available or produced in the 30 + years while in business. The majority of these have now been sold off, but I do still have a small selection, And they are in bold are still available, please feel free to contact me for any further information on them. (The might be a list just below here with them, from time to time)

In the past we have only listed the models that we have in stock but for the 1st time I am listing the full range of Land Rover Models that we have been available from Landcraft over the years.

Hi Welcome To LANDCRAFT LAND ROVER MODEL LIST No 462 March 2020 30/3/2020

Ref No Kit Type Model Series Details Code Make Make's No Scale Price
4925Land Rover110DefenderWhiteW M Bburago32060W1/43£9.00
4924 Land Rover 110DefenderRedW MBburago32060R1/43£9.00
4923Land Rover110DefenderGrey MetallicW MBburago32060GY1/43£9.00
4922Land Rover110DefenderGreen MetallicW MBburago32060G1/43£9.00
4909Land Rover 109S IIIStation Wagon GreenD CWhiteboxWHI1240331/43£28.99
4851Land Rover88LWTRAF Red Arrows Hard Top Red / White 05 KD 08D COxfordNLRL003N Gaurge£4.95
4827Land Rover88S IFirst Overland 2 Models Oxford & CambridgeD COxford76SET641/76£11.95
4825Land Rover110DefenderNetwork Rail Road Rail Defender Yellow J 518 YAUD COxfordOR76ROR003B1/76£6.95
4824Land Rover110DefenderNetwork Rail Road Rail Defender White R 494 JGGD COxfordOR76ROR002B1/76£6.95
4823Range Rover4 door4th GenAintree Green Metallic MF 14 KBED COxford76RAN0051/76£5.75
4822Land Rover88LWTRAF Green Hard Top 43 AJ84D COxford76LRL0051/76£5.95
4817Freelander5 Doors 2London Underground White VK 12 PUD COxford76FRE0051/76£5.75
4814Land Rover88LWTFred Dibnah Hard Top ECW 856 W Green / BrownD COxford43LRL0061/43£16.95
4813Land Rover88S II BStation Wagon Green Cream Safari Roof NDH 789 JD COxford43LR2AS0031/43£16.95
4811Land Rover90DefenderGreen Station WagonD CSchucoSHU 201811/87£10.99
4810Land Rover90Defender90 Heritage The Last Land Rover Green Soft Top H 166 HUED CTSM MODELTSM 4302171/43£99.99
4808Land Rover88S IIILand Rover British Car Service with Trailer & CarD CSchucoSHU 050271/90£35.99
4806Land Rover88S IIGreen / Beige, 1961 Soft TopD CWhiteboxWHI 2861/43£26.99
4804Land Rover110DefenderStation Wagon GreenD CCararamaCAR 125-1151/24£13.95
4803Land Rover110DefenderStation Wagon BlueD CCararamaCAR 125-0631/24£13.95
4799Land Rover80S IHUE166 Soft Top ( similar to 3980 )D COxfordLAN1800011/43£13.95
4789Land Rover90DefenderRed Station WagonD CCararamaCAR 4-552801/43£8.99
4788Discovery44Santorini BlackD CJLRLRDCADISCOB1/43£25.00
4787Discovery44Indus SilverD CJLRLRDCADISCO1/43£25.00
4781Land Rover88 S IPlimsoll Bronze Green Soft Top PSL 193D COxford43LAN1880241/43£16.95
4780Land Rover88LWTHardtop Fred Dibnah Green / Red / Brown ECW 656 WD COxford76LRL0061/76£5.95
4769Land Rover110DefenderCamel Trophy Amazon 1989D CBuschBus503671/87£29.10
4768Land Rover110DefenderCamel Trophy Winner B Ives & J Ives 1989D CTSM MODELTSM1643201/43£109.95
4760Land Rover110DefenderTD5 TOMB RAIDER EDITIOND CKyoshoKYO 08902TR1/18£249.99
4758Land Rover88LWTRAF - Red Arrows Hard Top Red 05 KD 08D COxford76LRL0031/76£5.75
4750Range Rover2 doorClassicDarien Gap VXC 868 K British Trans Americas Expedition Blue 1971 -72D COxford76RCL0021/76£5.75
4740Land Rover88LWTMilitary Police Hard Top Camouflage 43 GF 83D COxfordNLRL002N Gauge£4.35
4737Land Rover110DefenderDouble Cab Pickup White / Matt Black RHDD CBoS-ModelsBOS 870061/87£24.99
4736Land Rover80S IHard Top with Back to the Bay LRSOC 2018 on each sideD COxfordSP001/BTTB1/43£10.00
4729Discovery5 Doors 21998 GreenD CBuschBus519011/87£19.40
4724Land Rover88LWTBerlin Scheme Soft Top 57 XB 54D COxford43LRL0041/43£16.95
4720Land Rover90NBDefenderSilver Station Wagon (Only 999 Made )D CAlmost RealALM 4102071/43£79.99
4718Range Rover2 doorClassic1970 White YVB 157 H ( Only 1999 Made )D CAlmost RealALM 4101021/43£79.99
4713Range Rover2 doorClassicPARIS / DAKAR WINNER 1991 VSD (dirty) 1000 only madeD CTOP MarquesTMPD 01AD1/18£239.99
4696Land Rover88LWTUnited Nations Green Soft Top 50 FL 91D COxfordNLRL001N Gauge£4.35
4691Discovery44HSE met-brown, 2010 1,000 pcs World WideD CWhiteboxWHI 2691/43£26.99
4677Land Rover90NBDefenderHeritage Grasmere Green Final Edition 3,000 Ltd EdD CAlmost RealALM 8102041/18£224.99
4676Land Rover90NBDefenderSilver S 90 HUE 2,000 Ltd EdD CAlmost RealALM 8102021/18£224.99
4674Land Rover90NBDefenderHeritage Metallic Grasmere Green Final EditionD CKyoshoKYO 08901GGR1/18£149.95
4669Range Rover2 DoorClassicLincoln Green YCX 348 KD COxford76RCL0011/76£5.45
4666Land Rover101FCGS - Berlin BrigadeD COxford 76LRFCG0021/76£9.95
4664Land Rover88LWTUnited Nations Green Soft Top 50 FL 91D COxford76LRL0011/76£5.75
4652Range Rover4 doorClassicBlue 1986D CL S CollectiblesLUC 001C1/18£145.99
4649Evoque5 Door5 DoorCorris Grey / Black Roof (No opening Features)D CKyoshoKYO 09549CGR1/18£129.99
4648Evoque5 Door5 DoorHSE Dynamic LUX - Firenze Red Black RoofD CKyoshoKYO 09549R1/18£129.95
4647Evoque5 Door5 DoorHSE Dynamic LUX - Santorini Black / Red RoofD CKyoshoKYO 09549BK1/18£129.95
4638Land Rover88LWTRAF Red Arrows Hard Top Red / White 05 KD 08D COxford43LRL0031/43£16.95
4631Land Rover88LWTMilitary Police Hard Top Camouflage 43 GF 83D COxford43LRL0021/43£16.95
4630Land Rover90NBDefenderAutobiography Corris Grey / Santorini BlackD CKyoshoKYO 08901CGR1/18£149.95
4613Land Rover90NBDefenderRAF Flight Safety Yellow Station Wagon AV 09 ZWSD COxford76LRDF0051/76£5.75
4605Land Rove110DefenderFirenza Red RHDD CDorlopDOR 1810R1/18£139.99
4592Land Rover109S IIIBlue Station WagonD CCararama711XND/0051/72£4.00
4571Land Rover88LWTSIII Green Hard Top CAE 670 ED CBoS-ModelsG37-2008801/43£48.99
4570Land Rover90NBDefenderWhite Station WagonD CSchuco201341/64£10.99
4561Land Rover90NBDefenderSet 3 Pce Land Rover Defender Hertage SetD COxford76SET471/76£16.95
4550Land Rover109S IIIRed Pick UpD CCararama711XND/0041/72£4.00
4549Range Rover4 doorClassicTACR2 RAF Camouflage 6 WheelsD COxford76TAC0011/76£10.95
4540Range RoverRRS 2R R SportOrange Chilli Red 2nd GenD CWellyWEL 24059R1/24£15.99
4511Land Rover88S IGreen Soft Top PWW 882 1957D CTSM MODELTSM1443251/43£79.99
4493Land Rover90NBDefenderSantorini Black Station Wagon with WinchD CKyoshoKYO 08901BK1/18£149.95
4492Land Rover88S IGreen Station Wagon Safari RoofD CTSM MODELTSM1243781/43£69.95
4439Land Rover90NBDefender Indus Silver Station Wagon with WinchD CKyoshoKYO 08901IS1/18£139.95
4436Land Rover90NBDefenderSilver New Bonnet Station WagonD CWelly157062/731271/87£4.95
4430Range Rover4 door4th GenGrey Matt / Black Roof (L405)D CPremium-XPRX D04091/43£36.95
4429Range Rover4 door4th GenRed Matt / Black Roof (L405)D CPremium-XPRX D04051/43£36.95
4367Range Rover4 door4th GenBlack (L405)D CPremium-XPRX D03041/43£36.95
4366Range Rover4 door4th GenDark Bronze (L405)D CPremium-XPRX D03051/43£36.95
4303Land Rover80S IHUE Green Soft Top HUE 166D CCentury DragonLR1000A1/43£124.95
4301EvoqueCoupe2 DoorBaltic Blue Body with White Roof including panoramic roofD CCentury DragonLR1002B1/18£189.95
3908Land Rover110DefenderCalder Valley Search & Rescue Team Diorama White with Kit (Ltd Ed 2,010)D CCorgiCV10021/43£24.95
3889Land Rover109S IIIU N White Soft Top in Sand colourD CSchuco3310 00321/72£3.99
3877Land Rover90DefenderRed Station WagonD CSchuco33004331/72£4.50
3369Land Rover88S IILand Rover Business Card HolderAlloyAutosculpt1/43£10.95
1934Range Rover4 door2nd GenPewter Model on a off road base on Wooden Base RHDPewterLRPSTC87821/24£150.00
1933Range Rover4 door2nd GenPewter Model on a off road base on Wooden Base LHDPewterLRPSTC87811/24£150.00
1860Land Rover88S IISilver Model Key Ring S11Silver£75.00

These two models below are ex show models and have only been in the display cabinet in the office for the last few years ( We no longer have a office )

2004Land Rover101FCThe Adim Judge Dredd SilverW MT. O. D.1/48£95.00sold
1790Discovery5 DoorLand Rover Driving ExperienceW MHartHT36 1/48£70.00

Please Note Callers Welcome at the Office but by Appointment Only Please.

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