The Land Rover Model Shop prided itself on having every Land Rover model that was available or produced in the 30 + years while in business.

In the past we have only listed the models that we have in stock but for the 1st time I am listing the full range of Land Rover Models that we have been available from Landcraft over the years and this page i have listed the model as per the Title Header.

Discovery 5 Models

Ref No Kit Type Model Series Details Code Make Make's No Scale Price

due Discovery 5 5 Namib Orange D C Oxford 76DIS5004 1/76 £6.75
4837 Discovery 5 5 Firenze Red HF 17 XGU D C Oxford 76DIS5003 1/76 £6.45
4709 Discovery 5 5 Santorini Black HSE LUX FM 66 JHJ D C Oxford 76DIS5002 1/76 £5.95
4708 Discovery 5 5 Fuji White D C TSM MODEL TSM 430149 1/18 £99.99
4689 Discovery 5 5 Silver HSE LUX KAS 768 D C Oxford 76DIS5001 1/76 £5.95