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Off-Road Driving Events

Our Driving Events

At Landcraft we organise driving events throughout the year, both on our own behalf and for other organisations. We host regular off-road driving days that cater for all levels of skill and provide training sessions for those new to off-road driving. All of our driving events are held on private land and are supervised by experienced marshals, so help is always at hand if needed.

We have also arranged several days throughout the year which are aimed at specific vehicles in the Land Rover family. Hence the "Range Rover", "Freelander", "Discovery", "Defender" and "Leaf Sprung" days. The tracks and routes on these days will be chosen to suit these particular vehicles (although all 4x4's are of course welcome) so they are geared-up to provide a good days off-roading which can be enjoyed by all drivers of those vehicles without them feeling that they cannot attempt some routes.

A couple of clips sent in from Lee of Lowrangers from are Adventure Plus Drive held in November 2014.

Thanks Lee


We at the Landcraft would like to invite you bring your own vehicle and join us on one of our day long Snowdonia 4x4 Adventure Drives through the beautiful mountains and forests of North Wales.

Usually starting in the Bala area, it will take you through stunning scenery with spectacular views along forest tracks and hillsides, all on private land, available only to Landcraft. These Drives will be open to any 4x4 Fully Legal Road Taxed Vehicle, (No quads, no vehicles on trailers). We recommend that you should have attended an off road driving course before taking part. You will need to use four wheel drive, but the tracks chosen will be suitable for all Land Rovers, and all other makes of 4x4s are welcome. There will be alternative routes in places to take into account the differing capabilities of the vehicles and skills of the drivers. Whilst these drives are suitable for all levels of experience, you should be familiar with your vehicle’s controls. All drivers must hold a full driving license and insurance for the vehicle they are driving, and all occupants must be seated on a proper seat and wearing their seat belt, if fitted. They will start at around 9.30 a.m and run until approximately 4 p.m, so you will need lots of fuel and a packed lunch.

Due to the size (6000 acres) and terrain it is not suitable for spectators who are not in a participating vehicle. Dogs must be under control at all times. You will be travelling with a group of like-minded 4 X 4 owners led by experienced marshals, and whilst this is not a training day, they will be able to give you advice should you require it.

Adventure Drives Dates

Adventure Plus Days

For those looking for something more challenging we will be running some Adventure Plus Days. These are for people who have already attended several Adventure Drives and are looking to move on. You will need more aggressive off road tyres, substantial recovery points, in fact a vehicle equipped for serious off roading. We will take you to more challenging terrain, and although, as always, the aim is to get as much driving as possible during the day, there is a greater possibility of spending longer periods stuck, or assisting other who are stuck. Dates are:

Adventure Plus Dates

Where do you go for a Sunday drive? This is where we go, why not join us next time?

Our driving events are designed to cater for all tastes. If you have a showroom condition vehicle and want to keep it that way, many of the Landcraft organised events have facilities to allow you to enjoy your vehicle's capabilities to the full without having to risk damage. We would normally suggest an Adventure Drive for a good day out off-roading - please see this years' dates above.

Although if you want the excitement of axle deep mud, bonnet high water, and hills that disappear into the horizon we provide that too! All in a well-supervised environment that means if you need assistance it's not too far away. In this case a Safari Drive would seem appropriate - please see this years' dates above.

Check out our Picture Gallery of past events.

All these dates, Adventure and Adventure Plus, are provisional depending on sufficient numbers of bookings being received. All vehicles must be in an appropriate condition (any correctly maintained Land Rover should be sufficient)

The cost of the Snowdonia 4x4 Adventure, Adventure Plus Drives are

£60-00 per vehicle. PRE BOOKED & PAID ( £ 50-00 + Vat £ 10-00 = £ 60-00).


£70-00 per vehicle PAY ON THE DAY ( £ 58-34 + VAT £11-66 = £ 70-00).

The site is available for private events, please call to discuss. Attendance should be pre booked with, and payment made in advance to, 07831 258864.



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Cost £ 60-00 Per Booked & Paid before the day

£ 70-00 ON THE DAY

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Off Road Shows

We will also be attending many of the off-road shows throughout the UK. The Landcraft team also officiate at many motor sport events throughout the year.

We are hosting more of the popular activities introduced over the 25 year. Set on private land many of the tracks have only been driven by a handful of vehicles and some of the tracks have only been explored so far on foot! If you have driven off-road before and looking for something challenging these events are not to be missed. The aim is to cover as many routes as possible in one day and, time-permitting, we will end with an unknown or little-used route to add to the challenge of the day. The Adventure Drives offer the chance to drive off road, but with the added bonus of seeing some beautiful countryside which would be very difficult without the aid of a 4x4.